Know about the Public Provident Fund, all the essential things, through which every woman can fully understand this scheme.

Apply for money, raise money. Lakshmi is always growing in the house of those who have followed this matter. They are not allowed to keep the money in the locker or the bank, but they have to invest. It should not only follow men but women also, whether they are working or not. The art of money making money should come from everyone. That’s why today you are telling us about the best plan to invest, i.e., public provident fund. Every woman should invest in this investment plan.

1. What is the Public Provident Fund?

The most popular scheme run by the Government of India is the Public Provident Fund. It is a long term investment plan, under which you can safely invest your money and get a good return.

2. Who can open the Public Provident Fund?

To get this account open, you are more than 18 years old, and you must be an Indian citizen. You can open these accounts for your children.

3. At least how much do you invest in the Public Provident Fund?

You can invest at least 500 rupees every year in this scheme. This amount can be up to 1.5 lakhs. That is, you can invest up to 500 to 150,000 in the PPF.

4. Public Provident Fund’s 2018-19 interest rate?

In the year 2018-19, you will get a 7.60% interest in investing in this scheme.

5. Tax Benefits of Public Provident Fund?

The amount deposited under this scheme is tax-free. If you fill in the tax, you can save your tax by showing this investment plan. With this, the amount of money available on the scheme is entirely tax-free.

6. When can the money of public provident fund be withdrawn?

Your money in the PPF gets locked for 15 years. You can extend this period for 5 years and after 15 years. After this, you can withdraw money. At the same time, if you need this amount in the meantime, you can take a loan from this balance of PPF account.

7. Where can the public provident fund be opened?

You can open a PPF account in just a few banks’ branches. At the same time, this account can also be opened at the Indian Post Office.